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Objective of the music course

- Private lessons for all Instruments

- Intensive development of Solo, Chamber Music and Orchestral playing

- Acquiring of Concert experience

- Preparation of Concerts

- Make and maintain friendships across cultural and national borders

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- Daily private lessons for all instruments

- Orchestra rehearsals

- House concerts for all participants

- Preparation for concerts

- For all instruments: lessons with correpetitor

- Second instrument according to possibility and need

Application Teachers 2018

Requirements of the Participants

- Children, Young Adults as well as Older, Music enthusiasts

- For Beginners, Advanced and Professionals

- Love for the Music

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Camp Life

- Accommodation will be at ABZ, Hotel Seeblick

- Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner at Hotel Seeblick

- Individual or communal practice time

- Outdoor Activities including Sports, Hiking and day Trips

- Fresh alpine air and wonderful views over the Alps

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Course schedule

1. Week

- Audition for Academy, and Festival Orchestra

- Private Lessons

- Chamber Music

- Orchestra Rehearsals

- Concert Preparation

2. Week

- Masterclasses

- Private Lessons

- Chamber Music

- Orchestra Rehearsals

- Concert Preparation

- Concerts

3. Week

- Private Lessons

- Chamber Music

- Orchestra rehearsals

- Concerts

Camp Rules

In order to offer all participants an optimal learning and camp experience, the Goppisberg Music Festival and Academy have adopted the following “Camp Rules”.

The following:

1. Punctual participation at Music Lessons as well as at the Rehearsals and Concerts

2. Keep the Hotel House Rules

3. 17 year olds and younger must be in the Hotel at 10.00pm, older participants at 12.00pm

4. No Alcohol for Minors

5. The Artistic Director decides where and when the students will be performing at the public concerts


Over 30 years experience
  • In the small Swiss mountain village of Goppisberg, in the region of Aletsch Valais), the Violinist Katharina Hardy founded a music course in the summer of 1987, for children and young people making music seriously, under the name of this village. The idea ofthis course was to develop the instrumental talent of young, gifted pupils intensely in school holidays, During the first years the Music Course was carried out in Goppisberg. Soon after however, the space was too small. So from then onward the Goppisberg music courses have taken place at other locations offering more appropriate accommodation - the old name was nevertheless retained.

    In the mean time this Music Camp have taken on an international character, as leachers, especially from Hungary, Germany, Russia and Israel as well as from ihe England, USA, Armenia, Germany also give lessons and pupils from these countries, furthermore from France and Italy take part too.

  • In the following years the camp took place in the following locations:

    1990 - 1993 Rhone Gletscher, Hotel Belvedere

    1994 - 1996 Simplon - Kulm, Hotel Bellevue

    1997 - 2006 Grächen, Hotel Sonne und Hotel Abendruh

    2008 Grächen, Hotel Sonne, Hotel Abendruh and Gruppenhaus Ausblick

    2009 - 2012 Grächen, Hotel Sonne, Hotel Abendruh and Gruppenhaus Santa Fee, Gruppenhaus Ausblick

    2013 Grächen, Hotel Sonne, Hotel Abendruh and Gruppenhaus Ausblick

    2014 - 2015 Grächen, Hotel Sonne, Hotel Abendruh and Des Alpes

    2016 Grächen, Hotel Alpina, Hotel Sonne, Hotel Abendruh and Des Alpes

    2017 - Spiez, ABZ, Guesthouse Seeblick


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Welcome to Spiez , the most beautiful bay in Europe!


Thank you to all our sponsors, because without you we could not carry out the festival in this form.

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